Plans are on the table, the government agreed. The ball is now in the court of the area

When it became clear that the Drentsche Aa area would not be a 'standard' national park, former State Secretary for Conservation, Mrs Faber, was one of the initiators who set up a legislative committee for a special approach of the area in the spring of 2001. This committee, in consultation with the residents, has drawn up the Management, Layout and Development Plan. In July 2002 the Ministry gave the green light for the plans, also for setting up the National stream and esdorp landscape Drentse Aa as a - officially called - 'national park with a broadened approach.' The legislative committee is succeeded by a consultative body representing the Municipalities of Aa en Hunze, Assen and Tynaarlo, the Province of Drenthe and the Ministry, and with water board, waterworks, conservationists, agricultural sector, recreational sector and village representatives.