Hosts and Hostesses in the Drentsche Aa

The Drentsche Aa National Park does not have a central visitors centre. Instead it has an information network of certified Drentsche Aa hosts and hostesses. These entrepreneurs have been specifically trained for their posts. You will find them located throughout the Drentsche Aa region and will be able to recognise them by the wall sign shown below. These information points will be able to provide you with information on the area. They also have several Drentsche Aa pamphlets for you, including the 'Op Stap' information folder that contains the activities calendar and an area map.

Information Drentse Aa National Park

Camp sites

  1. 'De Weyert' camp site in Rolde
  2. 't Groene Veld' camp site in Tynaarlo
  3. 'De Vledders' camp site in Schipborg
  4. 'Het Veenmeer' camp site in Tynaarlo
  5. 'Landgoed De Berenkuil' camp site in Grolloo
  6. 'Landgoed Tolhek' camp site in Anderen
  7. 'Het Amerveld' farm camp site and function rooms in Amen
  8. 'Liebe' farm camp site in Anderen
  9. 'Appelo's Farm' farm camp site in Taarlo
  10. 'Zwanemeer' camp site in Gieten
  11. 'De Warme Bossen' camp site in Grolloo
  12. 'De Berken' camp site in Gasselte
  13. 'De Hondsrug' camp site near the Friends of Nature cabin in Noordlaren
  14. 'De Hondsrug 'camp site in Eext
  15. 'Lente van Drenthe' camp site in Gasselte
  16. 'Noordlaren' camp site in Noordlaren

Bicycle hire, maintenance and sales

  1. Oosting bicycle hire in Gasselte
  2. Jaap Vos bicycle hire in Gasselte

Food, drink and function rooms

  1. 'Brinkzicht' Farmhouse pancake restaurant and B&B in Gasteren
  2. 'De Strohoed' farmhoud pancake restaurant in Elp
  3. 'Hofsteenge' café and Restaurant in Rolde
  4. 'Gerrie' café and restaurant in Grolloo
  5. 'Appelbergen' café in Glimmen / Noordlaren
  6. 'De Clinge' conference centre
  7. 'Homanshof' tea house in Anloo
  8. 'Perron 3' café, restaurant and function rooms in Tynaarlo
  9. 'De Aanleg' café and function rooms in Deurze
  10. 'Popken-Hollander' café and restaurant in Anloo
  11. 'Het Witte Huis' bistro and function rooms in Zeegse
  12. 'Sassenhein' pavilion in Haren
  13. 'Hegeman' café and restaurant in Schoonloo
  14. 'De Drentsche Aa' restaurant and party centre in Schipborg
  15. 'Herberg van Anderen' inn in Anderen
  16. 'Homan' café and restaurant in Eext


  1. 'Mooi Uitzicht' farm accommodation in Anloo
  2. 't Anderhoes' group accommodation in Anderen
  3. 'Het Stroomdal' group accommodation in Anderen
  4. 'Herberg van Anderen' inn in Anderen
  5. 'Het Nienhoes' farm guest house in Anreep
  6. 'Hotel Erkelens' in Rolde
  7. 'De Hondsrug' inn in Eext
  8. 'Scheibershof' apartments in Zeegse
  9. Resort 'Hof van Saksen' in Nooitgedacht
  10. 'De Hondelhoeve' group accommodation in Eext
  11. 'De Hondsrug' Friends of Nature cabin in Noordlaren
  12. 'De Koningsherberg' hotel en restaurant in Anloo
  13. 'The Clinge' group accommodation in Zeegse
  14. Hotel 'De Zeegser Duinen' in Zeegse
  15. Bed & Breakfast 'The 4 Seasons' in Loon
  16. Bed & Breakfast 'Balloo' in Balloo
  17. Bed & Breakfast 'Stee en Stoede' in Gasteren
  18. 'De Strubben' group accommodation in Schoonloo
  19. 'Ieberenhoeve' guest rooms and stables in Schoonloo
  20. Bed & Breakfast 'Oberlina Farm' in Oudemolen
  21. Bed and Breakfast 'Annen' in Annen
  22. Bed & Breakfast 'Gasteren' in Gasteren
  23. 'Brinkzicht' farmhouse pancake restaurant and B&B in Gasteren
  24. Bed & breakfast Sloapen & Stoet

Regional product and information

  1. 'De Balloohoeve' care farm in Balloo
  2. 'Dorp van Bartje' regional museum in Rolde
  3. 'Goense' fruit company in Marwijksoord
  4. 'Onder de Molen' Tourist Information Point in Rolde
  5. 'Eigen Erf' beef farm and farm shop in Schipborg
  6. Sheepfold Balloo
  7. 'Dolfing' equestrian sports centre in Tynaarlo
  8. 'Zeegser Hoeve' farmhouse in Zeegse
  9. 'Reinhart Orchids' in Haren
  10. 'De Kruidenwei' organic goat farm en cheese dairy  in Nooitgedacht
  11. 'Heidehof' country estate near Rolde
  12. 'Drentsche Aa gallery' in Balloo
  13. 'De Wilde Haan' care farm in Balloo
  14. 'De Mikkelhorst' organic care farm in Haren
  15. 'Dolfing' stables in Balloo
  16. 'De Bijenkast' in Amen